Nutrition Suddenly a Hot Topic for Hospitals

Last week, Dayton Children’s Hospital in Ohio did what a number of pediatric hospitals across the country have done recently — it announced that it would stop selling sugar-sweetened soda and sports drinks at all of its locations. The policy, which takes effect May 1, applies to the hospital’s cafeteria…

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How Do You Keep Your Brain Healthy?

When people think about staying fit and being healthy, we generally think from the neck down – firm arms, flat stomach, etc. We rarely overtly think about the brain, an extremely critical organ. This important organ plays a key role in almost everything you do: teaching, writing, mentoring, caregiving, planning…

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The Happiest and Healthiest States Are In the Midwest

A new Gallup survey of nationwide well-being ranks North Dakota at the top and West Virginia at the very bottom. The annual survey interviews more 178,000 American adults from all 50 states. The well-being index scores states on various factors, including life evaluation, emotional health, work environment…

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Top 10 Diet Trends in 2014

Walk into a coffee shop with your friends, and undoubtedly at some point in your conversation about family, kids, work, and your favorite TV shows, you’ll end up talking about dieting. The South Beach Diet, Paleo Diet, Mediterranean Diet, and a handful of cleanse diets will likely generate some…

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6 Gross Side Effects of Chewing Gum

The US is among the top three countries with the highest rates of chewing gum consumption worldwide. In the US, 59 percent of people chew gum, surpassed only by Iran (82 percent) and Saudi Arabia (79 percent)1 (a primary reason why the Middle East may have more gum chewers than the US is because…

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